Michael G. Tremaine
12655 Camino Mira Del Mar
San Diego, CA  92130


Work Experience

Stellarcore.net, San Diego, CA
Computer Consultant (Owner)- Provide Unix system administration in the form of application installation and configuration, security consulting in the form of intrusion detection with Snort, vulnerability reviews with Nessus, bandwidth monitoring with Mrtg, Nagios and Ntop, and custom Sendmail installations with spam and virus filtering which process 500,000+ emails per day. Also provide custom Perl and shell scripting solutions to fulfill a wide range of programming needs, from report generation based on standard syslog output to interfacing with Cisco IOS products in real-time. Vast experience with Sendmail, DNS, Apache and all aspects of the Unix network application stack [Solaris/Linux/Mac OSX].
12/02 - Present

Cox Interactive Media, SanDiegoInsider.com, San Diego, CA
Senior Technical Lead- Performed Perl programming for large-scale web applications, data acquisition and transformation, and other website development issues. CIM applications routinely used Informix and Oracle databases. Duties also included due-diligence reports of vendor services, integration of third-party utilities, customer service and support of content producers and third-party production interfaces. Also responsible for the system administration of the internal PC network: Windows NT Domain with Windows NT/2000 workstation, Windows 98, Windows 95, Linux Workstations, and Sun (Solaris) production server. This support included inventory, documentation, disposal and ordering of hardware.
11/98 - 12/02

Console Inc., San Diego, CA
Programmer/Analyst - Designed and programmed websites using HTML and CGI (PERL, JavaScript). Created web media in the form of encoded RealVideo™, RealAudio™, and NetShow™ formats. Performed application programming with Visual Basic/Access Databases for several large clients. Responsible for the system administration of the internal PC Network: Windows NT fileserver, Windows 95, and Mac OS workstations.
7/97 - 11/98

Esmeralda Books & Coffee, Del Mar, CA
Assistant Manager - Responsible for ordering, receiving, and processing weekly restock orders for 750,000-dollar-a-year independent bookseller. Also responsible for cash handling, bookkeeping, merchandising, marketing, employee training, and computer support for a QNX based (UNIX Micro-kernel) POS system.
3/95 - 5/98


Operating Systems:
Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000, Solaris (7,8,9,10), FreeBSD, QNX, GNU/Linux, Mac OSX, Irix, MS-DOS, NeXTStep

Programming Languages:
Perl, Python, Bash, Tcsh, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Pascal, Java, Sql

Markup Languages:

Database Experience:
Informix, Oracle, Access, MySql, Berkley DB

Unix Administration:
Apache, Bind, Sendmail, MailScanner, ClamAV, Squid, Analog, ProFtpd, Samba, OpenSSH, Openssl, Pam, NIS+, LDAP

Security Tools:
Iptables, Ipf, Mrtg, Nagios, Nessus, Nmap, Ntop, Snort, Syslog, Syslog-ng, Cisco PIX

Cisco Experience:
Cisco 2501 Router, Cisco Catalyst 2950, Cisco Catalyst 2980A-G, Cisco PIX 515

Foreign Language:


San Diego State University
Graduate Studies in City Planning

University of California, San Diego (1991)
B.A. Urban Studies and Planning
Minor in Latin American History