is a consulting firm which provides insightful solutions to your IT problems. Our goal is to understand the clients' needs and provide the best solution with the highest possible return on investment. We specialize in Linux® / Solaris® consulting and are happy to integrate into, or migrate from, current Windows® architectures. Our services are available on a per project basis, or on contract, or even as a subcontract provider. Ask for a detailed quote on any job. We think you will be satisfied with our rates and expertise.

Reliable consulting in the following areas:

System Administration
Need to deploy a new mail server, DNS server, web server, or database servers? We provide all levels of System Administration, whether it is a single install or a long-term support contract. We have experience with large networks and complex server solutions and can easily supply custom shell scripts to ensure your services keep running. We also design robust disaster recovery plans for you to ensure that if something does go wrong, the impact is minimal.

Custom Programming
Whether you need web-based programming or in-house custom applications, we handle all programming needs, with solutions built in Perl, Python, PHP, Java, C/C++, or Pascal.

Sample Solutions and Code Snippets

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