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Apache Logs:
Perl Script for mulitple Vhosts with Analog
Perl Script for Analog
Sample CONF file for script
Perl script to hanlde Multiple Vhosts with webalizer

Bandwidth Monitoring:
Basic Overview

Verify any number of Daemons are running

Find files under a path and append a suffix to the name

Language Overviews
A simple program in 8 languages

Custom AD to Dansguardian filtergrouplist

Custom MRTG Install

Sample Perl query
Securing your Mysql Install
Verify Mysql is Running

Snort and Intrusion Detection Systems:
Modified snortd init script
Nightly cron for data management

Configuring for Solaris

System Wrappers:
Python Script to prevent Frox from scanning large files

  Business Information
Mike Tremaine's GPG Key
Mike Tremaine's Resume

  Security Links
Bastille - Linux Hardening
IPTables - Linux Kernel Firewalling
Nessus - Vulnerability Scanner
Nmap - Network Scanner
Ntop - Network Traffic Probe
Sans/FBI Top 20 Exploit List
Snort - Packet Sniffer

  Open Source Projects
Endian Firewall
Pix Firewall Reports

  Local Tools
San Diego Traffic (Major)
San Diego Traffic (Minor)
San Diego 4-day Tide Report