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Endian Firewall is an open source firewall forked from IPCop in early 2005. I came across the Endian Firewall Project when I was building a Squid Proxy for a client. The basic Endian Firewall system is a complete install which is ready to go with all the extra features you would normally have to install and configure by hand. I was so impressed with the system I decided to get involved with the Endian Community. Currently I maintain a set of RPM Upgrade packages which you can find at the link below.


  • Endian does not have wget or even ftp. If you need to download something you either have to use SCP or Curl. Curl is very powerful here is an example curl -C - -O http://URL
  • Updating RPMs from command line is easy with the rpm command it can handle http and ftp URLs. The classic example is updating ClamAV to my 0.88.6 release. This done like so [this should all be on one line]

    rpm -Uvh \ \

Updated RPM Packages for Endian 2.0
Updated RPM Packages for Endian 2.2
Development RPM Packages for Endian 2.2

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