One small program written in 10 different programming languages. This started off as a simple Bash script written by my friend Steve Frostrom. At the time I was trying to improve my Java skills so sat down wrote a Java version. It worked well and Steve noticed that is was a good deal faster under Windows compared to the Bash version under Cygwin.

I then started working on a full GUI version with Java/Swing and lots more information screens. I finsihed it but was never totally happy with the formatting so I kept playing with it. The more I tweaked the layout the slower the program got. [Keep in my mind that my desktop is a P3-550mhz running Centos 4]. Eventually I gave up on getting it perfect and went back to the begining. The Pascal and Perl versions quickly followed and both were much faster then either the Java or Bash versions. That was enough for me to re-write the GUI version in Perl/Tk and be happy with it. I wrote the Python and Ruby versions last just to make the journey more complete. Once Steve Frostrom saw the other version he went back to the keyboard and cranked out the Csh and C versions. Here are all 8 versions of the basic console script.

Added 2016: Trapped in a library one day I sat down and wrote a Rust version of the this script. So now there are 9. Added 2017: My son is interested in Go these days so I thought I better play with it. Now there are 10.

Bash Version of Script
C Version of Script
Csh Version of Script
Go Version of Script
Java Version of Script
Pascal Version of Script
Perl Version of Script
Python Version of Script
Ruby Version of Script
Rust Version of Script