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I own every one of these books... and they have even made it through my frequent selling sprees. These are the best books that I have found on various UNIX/Linux related tasks, and I highly recommend them. You will notice that most of them are published by O'Reilly (my favorite publisher). If you click the links below, you will be taken to Amazon.com. You are then able to purchase the book from my favorite online retailer, plus you help support my various Linux projects.

Good books are hard to find, so I hope that my past experiences will help you and this list will help you choose a good book on many topics. If you don't see what you are looking for in this list, my general rule is to look for books on a topic published by O'Reilly first, as they are usually very good -- especially the older ones.

But first, you should take a look at my own book that will be published in September 2003:

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Perl:These are all great Perl books
Programming Perl Advanced Perl Programming Mastering Regular Expressions
UNIX/Linux General:All are great books on their respective topics
Managing Projects with make Learning the vi Editor Maximum RPM Exploring Expect
C/C++ Programming:Good C/C++ books are especially hard to find... these are my favorites
The C Programming Language The C++ Programming Language The Annotated C++ Reference Manual C++ FAQs Interprocess Communications in Unix Pthreads Programming
LaTeX:This may be every LaTeX book, but I use them all!
The LaTeX Companion LaTeX: A Document Preparation System A Guide to LaTeX
Oracle:These are good choices for beginning/intermediate Oracle administrators and/or developers
Oracle Essentials: Oracle9i, Oracle8i & Oracle8 Oracle Database Administration Oracle PL/SQL Programming
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