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You can always download the most recent development code for Logwatch directly from the CVS repository.

Simply execute the following commands (assuming bash shell):

export CVSROOT=":pserver:anoncvs@cvs.logwatch.org:/var/cvs"
cvs checkout logwatch

This will create a directory called "logwatch" containing the most recent Logwatch code.

Please use the latest code from CVS (whenever possible) when making changes to the code. If you make changes (for the better ;), please create a unified diff (with the "diff -u" command) and send them my way (logwatch-patches@logwatch.org).

There are a variety of tasks that need to be done with Logwatch but that I can't do or just don't have time to do. If you do any of this, and send a patch, I will try to get your changes into the distribution as soon as reasonably possible:

  • Simplify/Clean Up report output. Many filters should use the Detail variable to limit their output more than they currently do. Some filters produce too much output, particularly when run on busy servers. This output should be cleaned up and summarized in a more useful way.
  • Add support for new log entries. Some filters report unmatched log entries, others just ignore them. In either case, some of these need to be ignored or reported, as is appropriate for each entry.
  • Cross-platform fixes. Logwatch could work on any UNIX platform with some changes to the filters and their configuration files.
  • New filters. There are many services that are not currently supported, but should be.
  • Linux kernel log processing. The Linux kernel can produce tons of log entries that are not currently parsed.
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